TIPS FOR BEGINNERS: 10 tips on how to successfully begin the process of business!

TIPS FOR BEGINNERS: 10 tips on how to successfully begin the process of business!

I – Try to make at each step up to save. Statistics show that almost every other company that is not set up to survive in the market for more than three years. Most fail because they over-invest, so that money is hard to return. To start, select modest office, or start from his apartment.

II – Business records need to keep up neatly, and be chronologically arranged and clear. This will ease the tax and inspection and reduce the possibility of the sloppy bookkeeping inspectors suspect to legally conduct business.

III – Before the company appears on the market, choose its visual identity – name, logo and specific products. It is important to your business as soon as a recognized and have a memorable logo.

IV – Collection rate in Serbia is slow and try to provide a service or give the goods only quality partners. Before entering the business, find out what this company is correct in its relations with other companies. Otherwise, you risk your cash flow will be insufficient to meet its obligations.

V – Looking for a promissory note to be provided in case you need a buyer of goods or customer delays the payment. If you do not, then you interest on banks ‘eat’ profits.

VI – Maximum use the internet, because it is the cheapest way to advertise and communicate with other companies. In Serbia, last year 94.5 percent of businesses using the Internet, and this percentage is almost half the size of entrepreneurs – 52.4%.

VII – You have to adapt to market trends, but also dictate the pace by offering genuine products and services.

VIII – The loyalty of employees is essential for the development of enterprises, it is done with human relations, decent pay and additional incentives.

IX – Keep employees about the company’s problems, they will also understand why sometimes make difficult decisions. An employer who fails to state employees to treat the company as their home, keep it and fight for it.

X – Whatever you do, you need to be aware of one thing – the entrepreneur works 24 hours a day!

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